Self Storage

What is Self-Storage?

Self storage provides flexible storage solutions for lots of storage problems. Space can be rented for anything from a few weeks to as long as you like with no restrictive lease to worry about. It is a safe and secure additional space that you control with your lock and key.

Domestic User

  • It is the place to store your household effects during your house move.
  • It is that extra room that you would like, without moving home.
  • It is dry, secure, convenient extra storage space.
  • It is the space to store your skis, seasonal clothes etc.
  • It is the place to put your furniture during redecoration or refurbishment.
  • It is a home for your clutter, so that you can get your car in the garage or free up your loft.

Business User

  • A place to store your archives or business records.
  • Somewhere to put your excess furniture, which you will need at a later date.
  • A safe place to keep your stock.
  • A convenient location for your field engineer to keep spares.
  • A place to work out of.
  • A place to work in (i.e. sort stock etc).

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